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Technology has opened new doors to endless opportunities for publishers. Today, digital content is more important than print. DMI is at home in such a world and has a decade's worth of experience to put you ahead of the game.

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Digital Publishing

Product/ Platform: ePubNow!

Transform your manuscript into a high-quality eBook that can be read on smartphones, tablets and popular eReader including the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble Nook. Key features:

  1. From Print to Digital Books — Convert your Word, InDesign or PDF manuscript into superior quality electronic books that run on all modern devices. Output formats include - free-flowing EPUB and Kindle; Fixed-format EPUB and Kindle (KF8), DAISY Digital Talking Book, Android Apps, and Apple iOS Apps. We have successfully produced in over 90 languages.
  2. Enhanced eBooks — Embed rich and interactive multimedia in your book. Work with GIFs, video, audio, or add widgets like timers, quizzes and more.
  3. Future Proof Publisher Workflow — DocBook XML is an interim format produced by our system. This is a future-proof format that can easily be edited and revised by publishers. Multiple eBook formats can be rapidly produced after revision, saving a lot of effort, time and costs for the publisher.

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Title Metadata Management

Product/ Platform: ONIX Master

The ONIX-for-Books is an XML-based standard for rich book metadata, providing a consistent way for publishers, retailers and their supply chain partners to communicate rich information about their products. It is expressly designed to be used globally, and is not limited to any one language or the characteristics of a specific national book trade. Key features:

  1. Online Title Data Management Solution — ONIX Master is a powerful yet easy tool to manage rich title data into the supply chain in a standard form, to wholesalers and distributors, to larger retailers, to data aggregators, and to affiliate companies. ONIX Master greatly reduces support costs, as publishers no longer need to provide data in so many unique formats. We ensure that a single data feed can be made suitable for all of a publisher’s supply chain partners.
  2. Advance Information Sheets — ONIX Master has helped to stimulate the introduction of better internal information systems, capable of bringing together all the ‘metadata’ needed for the description and promotion of new and backlist titles. ONIX Master also ensures that the same core ONIX data can also be used to produce advance information sheets, catalogues and other promotional material, to feed publisher websites, and to meet the needs of the wider supply chain.
  3. Improved Discoverability — ONIX for Books means more efficient and rapid loading of up-to-date product information into internal or customer-facing systems, with less need for manual intervention and much lower risk of error. ONIX Master encourages the overall improvement of the data available throughout the supply chain and improve title discoverability resulting in more sales for publishers.

    The Book Industry Study Group, Inc. (BISG)’s BISAC (Book Industry Standards And Communications)’s Metadata Committee has worked on the Best Practices for implementing ONIX. Digital Media Initiatives is an ONIX Technical Service Provider listed with BISG.

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DRM Secured Distribution System

Product/ Platform: Digital Media Reserve

Digital Media Reserve is an implementation of the Adobe Content Server which allows digital rights management (DRM) for e-books. It is designed to protect and distribute Adobe eBooks in PDF or EPUB format through Adobe Digital Editions.

Technology Partners:

Digital Media Reserve has developed a comprehensive Internet based infrastructure to distribute your DRM enabled eBooks globally. Key partners:

  1. Adobe — Adobe Content Server 6.5 (ACS) helps us securely distribute and monetize your eBooks and PDF content. Offers great ease-of-use as the books your customers purchase appear automatically across all their eBook readers. Open new markets with flexible business models for subscription and text book distribution. Website ⇾
  2. Datalogics — Datalogics focuses on providing technologies to software developers and enabling them to bring their products to market faster and with superior eBook and PDF capabilities. Website ⇾

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Accessible Educational Materials

Product/ Platform: NIMAS Master

NIMAS Master is a seamless, managed, end-to-end Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) production service that offers production and conversion of NIMAS (National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard) Fileset for NIMAC Repository; Accessible Educational Materials in DAISY-DTB, Print Braille, Digital Braille formats; Digital Instructional Materials in EPUB 3, EPUB 3 with MathML, EDUPUB formats; and Mobile and Web Apps which are extremely capable and interactive (Android, iOS and Web) for Personalized Learning. Key features:

  1. NIMAS Conversion — End-to-end production service of NIMAS (National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard) Fileset for NIMAC Repository.
  2. MathML — Convert scientific notations, mathematical expressions and complex equations to MathML XML and Spoken Maths descriptors for the visually disabled.
  3. Accessible PDF and Source Documents Remediation — We ensures your PDF documents meet today’s leading accessibility standards, such as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA, PDF/UA. Our process ensures all documents are accurately tagged for the end user. Our goal is to provide a consistent, fully accessible document that accurately conveys all relevant information. We work around your source documents - Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice Writer, and HTML to align with your accessibility goals. We also offer extensive services for curating Digital Talking Books conforming to DAISY 3, Print & Digital Braille.

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Assessments & Tests Management System

Our student centric integrated learning framework offers aligning learning content with curriculum framework and tracking progress through an effective assessment system. We enable optimize learning output for schools, teachers and students. We are rolling out two products in this domain - PISA Master and STM Weekly.

Product/ Platform: PISA Master

PISA master is a comprehensive curriculum framework addressing the programme for international students assessment (PISA) curriculum in science, reading, mathematics, collaborative problem solving, and financial literacy. It offers online assessment framework for optimizing success at PISA exam.

Product/ Platform: STM Weekly

STM weekly offers weekly modules to students and teachers enabling all young people become informed, critical users of scientific knowledge within the three domains of competencies such that they are able to (i) explain phenomena scientifically; (ii) evaluate and design scientific enquiry, and (iii) interpret data & evidence scientifically, thus covering key domains of the programme for international students assessment (PISA). The weekly curriculum would address the three knowledge types - content knowledge, procedural knowledge, and epistemic knowledge; three science systems - Physical, Living, and Earth and Space sciences. STM Weekly would allow K-12 students access assessment clusters comprising knowledge types, science systems, key competencies at varying depth of knowledge and enhance their scientific literacy on a weekly basis.

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Retail System

Product/ Platform: Antrik Express

Antrik Express can deliver both print and digital publications and has a robust e-commerce system integated with it. Key features:

  1. Robust Backend — ONIX Master and Digital Media Reserve provide a solid backend to Antrik Express, the online retail platform for eBooks in EPUB and PDF formats. Antrik ExPress is a retail system that is integrated with Digital Media Reserve. EPUB or PDF/A formatted ebooks are uploaded to the central repository, protected under DRM and are allowed to be sold through multiple channels.
  2. Multiple Retail Models — Antrik ExPress is also an express publishing workflow for self-publishers. Authors and publishers are empowered the world over to publish, sell, track sales and promote themselves with powerful tools and with complete transparency. Antrik e-Library is for schools and academic institutions who could license the academic content to the institution forever or for a set time. Licensing is negotiated by the academic publisher with an institution on their own. Content is delivered under DRM protection. Antrik ebooks rental system is a business model where any published content can be licensed for a smaller period of time for the duration of the rent, and pricing can be set accordingly. Content is delivered under DRM protection.
  3. Integrated eCommerce — Antrik ExPress has an in-built eCommerce engine which can easily be integrated with multiple payment gateways, including PayPal.
  4. White Labeled eBookstore — Antrik ExPress platform is already being used as white labeled eBookstores. This is a seamless integration with a publisher catalog available in ONIX for Books XML format.